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List of Commanders of 744th AC&W Squadron - Murphy Dome

 Partial as of 07/04/2013

Murphy Dome AFS, AK Commanding Officers

1956 Lt Col. Ord Fink
1957 Lt Col. Ord Fink, Capt Dominic Delise
1958 Capt Dominic Delise
1960 Lt Col. Julius D. Shiver
1961 Lt Col. Julius D. Shiver, Lt Col. Chiles
1962 Lt Col. Chiles, Lt Col Kidd
1963 Col. Underwood, Lt Col. Willie Weed
1964 Lt Col. Willie Weed, Lt Col. Ruick
1966 Col. Samual Tidwell
1967 Col. Samual Tidwell, Col. Billy Clemons
1968 Lt Col. Schanberger, Col. Roy W. King
1969 Col. Roy W. King
1970 Col. John P. Looney
1971 Col. John P. Looney
1972 Col Bob Richardson
1973 Col. Kaphammer, Lt Col. Mahaffee
1974 Col. Kaphammer, Lt Col. Mahaffee
1976 Col. Holland
1977 Col. Holland, Col. Arthur Stamps
1978 Col. Arthur Stamps, Lt Col. Kelenhofer
1979 Lt Col. Kelenhofer, Lt Col. Green
1980 Lt Col. Owens
1981 Lt Col. Owens
1982 Lt Col. Pickford
1983 Lt Col. Walter G. Green III   closed the 744trh and Murphy Dome military operation on 1 October 1983