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Abandoned Miners Cabin and gold mine NW of Martin railroad siding

Discovered by Marv Hassebroek. Marv and the Radar Maintenance guys helped clean it up, tar papered roof and installed oil heater. 

1 door 1 window

2 double bunks on wall & 4 sleeping bags

1 oil heater - and barrel of diesel from Midnight Auto Supply

1 table and couple of chairs

Trapdoor in floor opened to cold storage cellar.

    filled with WWII "C" Rations that were being discarded by Supply


S/Sgt Sam Nutt at Cabin Hassebroek and Radar Maint crew were refurbing recvd from Marv 27Nov06. 



Mona Hassebroek at Cabin July 1957



Pic from John Falk


Don Gresh -  Bill Reynolds - Jack Tharp                           Benner in bunk



Diesel Heater                                                                   Benner guarding Cabin Chow Hall



Dave Tozier and Marv working to reopen Mine shaft by Cabin

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