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These pictures were generously provided by Jimmy Gagnon's son Joe.

Thank you Joe Gagnon.  Your father and I shared some great times in Tech School

at Keesler and at Murphy Dome.


Ladd Air Force Base in Fairbanks may have been the farthest North Air Base BUT there were many A. C & W Squadrons (like Murphy Dome below) much farther north and much more remote. 
Ladd Air Force Base in Fairbanks is now Fort Wainwright Army Post
1956 CPS-6B Tower as seen from the road in front of the Power Plant Looks like expansion of Radar Ops
Dusting the bubble with rope anchored on the top. New arrivals are told to stand right under edge of bubble. Old timers stand way back for obvious reasons. Covered but unheated walkway from the Radar Maintenance  shop to the CPS-6B tower is easy to see. 
CPS-6B electronics racks in the Radar Maintenance room A/1c John Falk and A/2c Jimmy Gagnon. 
The first class in Snowshoe 101 started as we left to head down to the Emergency Air strip for Artic Survival

Making camp for Artic Survival.

Unknown, unknown, Marv Hassebroek, Mike Meraz, Benner

It's going to be -60 so better have lots of wood ready for the fire. Jimmy Gagnon in both pics. Those shoes are pretty stylish.
Looks like Cal Trans with one guy working and two watching. Snow shoeing is a lot more work than you think.
Jimmy decided he wanted to see out of his window. Standing at level of bottom of window Good job. Now wait for 4 months for some sun.
Wonder if this was the chopper that took me to Ladd Hospital when TS235 Scope was dropped from top of 6' cabinet onto my foot? Wascoe and Gagnon
Someone please help with names Same here and I have no clue why they are eating on the floor
Here's a scene the Radio Maintenance guys will appreciate. - Jimmy Gagnon Hey, Jimmy It looks like the crane needs to be thawed out first...
Better view of crane. That's Don Gresh Hmmmm Northern most Radio Shack???
Jimmy Gagnon, Don Gresh with his Weatherby Rifle and ????????? Hang in there Bullwinkle.. You're gonna end up as steaks for everyone served in the NCO Club.
Jimmy in front of the moose steaks. Did you spill some beer on this pic?
The USO shows were always welcome. They drove them in when we needed a reminder of what a girl looked like USO groups were real troopers to do these shows.