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Pictures from Marv and Becky Hassebroek

Don Gresh & Moose Antler May 56

Don Gresh & Jimmy Gagnon  Jeep June 56

Marv Hassebroek CPS-6B in Maint Room Sept 56

Richmond & Wascoe

Chatanika River July 56

Minto Lake July 56

New FPS-8 Tower just out of boxes Oct 56

Road to ARRX siding & flight strip Oct 56

After Snow storm Oct 56

Ice Box at Cabin Dec 56

Marv Hassebroek Moose Horn taken in Valley May 56

Benner in Cabin Jan 57

Marv Hassebroek with 29 hand Jan 57

Oil heater in Cabin Jan 57

Benner w/C ration supply & coleman stove Jan 57

New Stove & C Ration Food Stash Jan 57

35 Marlin Jan 57

Bull Moose Aug 57

Dave Tozier & Marv at Mine May 57

Dave Tozier at Mine May 57

Bear Rug Marv & Bill Reynolds June 57

Don Gresh at camp by River May 56

Skinning Bear June 57

Marv Hassebroek Apartment -Fairbanks Aug 57

Fairbanks Aug 57

Marv outside barracks April 56

S/Sgt Sam Nut at Cabin May 57

Mona Hassebroek at cabin July 57

Richmond & Wascoe May 56

Wascoe in Latrine Oct 56

Marvin sewing socks June 56

Marvin with New A/1c Stripes & pinups  June 56

Doherty and Benner Nov 56

Marv with bug net hat July 56

Miners Cabin discovered by Marv Hassebroek 1956 

Fancy Barracks Showers [Don't drop the soap] ;-))