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Posting misc pictures here until I get time to organize them

It's petty easy to see why it was a 45+ mile trip up the road thru FOX to the turnoff for the Old Murphy Dome road.



1958 Thanksgiving menu  Thanks to Dennis Reber   



Becky and Marv Hassebroek 2006

Marv Hassebroek at apartments on Illinois St. where he and Marion lived.   Bill and Bonnie Murphree and Bill Reynolds and his wife also lived there. 


3 room Log cabin at 1208 4th St rented by Falks in 1957   Note: dirt road so close to downtown

Murphy Dome as seen from ARRX 1974

Three radar bubbles on tiny distant hill in center of pic

Bldg at Murphy Dome Road & ARRX siding

 at Martin  1974  Falk pic

New Dome Rd up from ARRX siding - 1974 Falk pic

View toward Fairbanks when leaving Murphy Dome 1974

View of Dome from road by airstrip - 1974    Falk

Radar tower with antenna and condom removed 1974 - Falk

View of Dome from road - 1974      Falk

Entrance as it looked in 1974 - Falk pic


Jimmy Gagnon 1956       Pic from son Joe Gagnon



















































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