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One or two of the Radar Maintenance Crews (sometime between Jan56-Apr 57)

L to R  A/2c Mike Meraz A/2c Benner, A/2c Bill Reynolds, A/1c Jimmy Gagnon, 

(possibly Sgt Tharp behind Gagnon), A/1c Don Gresh, A/1c B.Wascoe.  T/Sgt W.Poe, S/Sgt Neiman

Thanks to Marv Hassebroek for this picture


Other RM personel not shown:

Lt        Gene Horsewood

S/Sgt - John Falk / Harvey Lightcap / Sam Nutt / John Snyder / Jack Tharp

A/1c -  Patrick Doherty / Marvin Hassebroek / Hildebrand / Roy Tsuruda

A/2c -  Benner / Larry Griffin / Bill Murphree /  Ken Richmond / Ken Smith

NOTE: If anyone has pictures of the site or personel we would sure appreciate it if you would share them with us.


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