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Murphy Dome Roster for 1956 & 1957  


(This list was derived from duty rosters, orders, the Radome Roster and input from those who served at Murphy Dome.

Multiple entries indicate change of rank or AFSC or multiple email addresses)

Email additions and corrections to: webmaster  

Thanks to 1/Lt Bill Bennett for additional name information on 8 officers.

Thanks to Dennis Reber for sending a copy of orders reducing the tour from 15 to 12 months for 67 Airmen and Officers on 28 Jan 58. Now I know why the CO had me shipped out with only 1 hours notice when he was informed my letters to the AIG were successful in shortening the tour from 15 to 12 months. Obviously it created a mountain of paperwork and unexpected turnover of personel.  I thought they would just phase in the shorter tour. 

Those 67 are identified with a '<15 mos' in the [On/or*] column

1/Lt Hunt added 1/30/2014

Updated 01/30/2014


Rank Last First MI Position From On/or * To Where From AFSC Job Email
A/2c Aeleson Orvis T     22-Jun-56     30432B Radio Maint  
A/2c Anderson Morris D     1-Sep-56     27330    
A/3c Arkins V P     15-Oct-56          
A/3c Arkins Vincent P     22-Jun-56     29350    
T/Sgt Arthur James L   29-Sep-57 <15 MOS 29-Oct-58        
A/3c Bahr C R                
S/Sgt Bailey Russell E     1-Dec-57          
A/3c Bakar R L                
T/Sgt Baker C C     15-Oct-56          
A/3c Baker Ivan E   18-Aug-57 <15 MOS 18-Oct-58        
A/2c Barr Dave                  
S/Sgt Bartasewicz P A     15-Oct-56          
T/Sgt Bates Loren R   20-Sep-57 <15 MOS 29-Oct-58        
A/3c Bay C C     22-Jun-56 26-Nov-56   47131 AIO  
A/1c Bender Joe A   24-Jul-57 <15 MOS 24-Sep-58 PA 3045x A/G Radio Maint
A/2c Benish Mike G   1957   1958   30352 Radar Maint
A/2c Benner         1957     30332D Radar Maint  
1/Lt Bennett William A Radar Ops Jul-56   Nov-57     Radar Ops
A/2c Bernier Gene           ND 3045x A/G Radio Maint  
A/1c Biddle                 ?  
A/2c Biggs Billy                  
2/Lt Bloch Stuart W   11-Jul-57 <15 MOS 11-Sep-58        
S/Sgt Boggs Edgar A   27-Oct-57 <15 MOS 27-Nov-58   30450B NCOICRadioRly
A/2c Bowes R J     26-Nov-56          
1/Lt Bradley Jared W   1-Sep-57 <15 MOS 1-Oct-58        
S/Sgt Brooks Robert F     1-Dec-57          
A/2c Brown Bick               Cook/Baker  
A/2c Brown Brownie L.           29130 Comm  
T/Sgt Brown Hugh W Medic 1956   1958 Atlantic City NJ 90270
A/1c Brown J A     26-Nov-56          
A/3c Brown Melven W   3-Dec-57 <15 MOS 5-Dec-58        
A/2c Bugar Jerry J   26-Aug-57 <15 MOS 26-Oct-58 PA   Crypto Operator  
A/1c Butler Frank ,   12-Sep-57 <15 MOS 12-Oct-58        
A/2c Cahill John W     1-Sep-56     30450B    
A/3c Callahan James       Dec-57   Boston 29130 TTY Operator  
A/2c Carlow Gene D   30-Sep-57 <15 MOS 31-Oct-58        
A/1c Cashwell Franklin W Medic 1955   1956 Autryville, NC   Station Medic
1/Lt Charters Roger       Apx Jun-57       Operations  
A/2c Cherry Henry           Richmond 29130 Comm Center  
A/1c Christagau L E     26-Nov-56          
A/2c Clemens William I   1956   1957   27350
M/Sgt Cline     1st Sergeant   1957          
S/Sgt Coleman               29150 Comm.  
A/2c Collins Jerry           TN      
A/2C Collis Ken H AFRS 12-Sep-57 <15 MOS 12-Oct-58 Chicago IL 30452 GndComEqMtc Deceased 2/24/08
A/1c Conley Johnny L           30452B Radio Maint  
A/1c Conner D R     26-Nov-56          
CWO Cosell                    
A/2c Cotton Bill           RI   Recreation  
A/2c Cotton William J   1-Oct-57 <15 MOS 20-Oct-53        
1/Lt Culp James W   2-Oct-57 <15 MOS 2-Nov-58        
A/3c Dale J E                
T/Sgt Deanes         29-Feb-56          
Capt Delise Dominic   Commander   1-Mar-57       Commander  
S/Sgt Dobbins Darrell L     1-Dec-57          
A/2c Dobes R A     26-Nov-56     30450B RadiRelay Mt.  
A/1c Doherty Patrick N     15-Oct-56   CA 30352d Radar Maint  
1/Lt Dorrance "Bubba"       Apx Jun-57          
A/2c Dosier Bob           TN   Crypto Operator  
A/2c Downer James B   25-Sep-57 <15 MOS 25-Oct-58        
A/3c Dozier Robert J   30-Aug-57 <15 MOS 30-Oct-58        
A/3c Dunston Lorringer       27-Feb-56     29150    
A/1c Eichhorn George G   Feb-58   Feb-59   30450c Radio Maint Deceased 4/2/07
T/Sgt Eichner                    
A/3c Elkins H C     26-Nov-56          
A/1c Ellington J T     15-Oct-56 26-Nov-56     Mgr Dark Room  
1/Lt Embelton Fred                PX Officer  
A/2c Enstam Jack     1-Nov-56   1-Feb-58   27350 Radar Operator
S/Sgt Ervin Edward R   21-Nov-57 <15 MOS 21-Nov-58        
A/3c Eselby Richard H   1956   1957 Birdsboro PA 56350 Utilities FireSvc  
A/2c Eselby Richard H   1956   1957 Birdsboro PA 56350 Utilities FireSvc
A/2c Evans Carroll G     27-Feb-56 13-May-57        
A/2c Evans Jerry A   1956   1958 Washington PA 27350 Radar Ops/ID
A/2c Evans Jerry A   1956   1958 Washington PA 27350 Radar Ops/ID
A/2c Falk John E   13-Jan-56     Venice CA 30332D Radar Maint
A/1c Falk John E     1956   Venice CA 30352D Radar Maint
S/Sgt Falk John E     Oct-57 18-Dec-57 Venice CA 30352D Radar Maint
M/Sgt Farrar Minor A   19-Nov-57 <15 MOS 19-Nov-58        
S/Sgt Ficarroto V J     26-Nov-56          
Lt/Col Fink Ord J Commander   19-Sep-56   St. Pete FL   Commander Deceased 1995
A/3c Fodor Alexander W   Oct-56   Jan-58 Whitesville. WV 27350 Radar Operator
S/Sgt Foster Kenneth J           29270    
A/1C Fulton Eddie M   30-Sep-57 <15 MOS 31-Oct-58        
A/1c Gagnon James A   13-Jan-56 15-Oct-56 13-Apr-57 Santa Monica CA 30352D Radar Maint Deceased Dec 2004
A/1c Galt John A   Apr-55   Aug-56   70250 Ord.Rm.
S/Sgt Gannoy John E   20-Nov-57 <15 MOS 20-Nov-58        
T/Sgt Gary R J     15-Oct-56          
S/Sgt Gates Chester T   Aug-54   Jan-56 Utica NY 27350 Radar Operator
Capt Graham                    
A/1c Gresh Donald A   13-Jan-56 15-Oct-56 13-Apr-57 Allentown PA 30352D Radar Maint
A/2c Griffin Loren L   13-Jan-56   18-Dec-57 Salem OR 30332D
A/2c Griffith Robert E     1-Sep-56     27330    
A/1c Grimm Everett A     1-Sep-56     36250    
A/1c Gunn Frank       Dec-57     27350 Radar Op & AFRS  
A/2c Hall Leroy               A/G Radio Maint  
A/3c Hall Leroy     23-Jul-57 <15 MOS 23-Sep-58        
2/Lt Ham Don                  
S/Sgt Hamilton Jr JAMES W   28-Oct-57 <15 MOS 28-Nov-58        
A/2c Hammond Walter W     26-Nov-56     47131 AIO  
Capt Harris Charles       22-Jun-56     84410    
A/2c Harward Clarence L     27-Feb-56 25-Apr-57        
A/1c Hassebroek Marvin O   1955   1956  WI / now AK 30352D RM & FAA
A/1c Hassebroek Marvin O   1958   1964  WI / now AK 30352D RM & FAA
A/2c Hatridge James N   30-Sep-57 <15 MOS 31-Oct-58        
A/3c Hattaway Bill           LA   Teletype Oper  
A/3c Hattaway Billy R   5-Nov-57 <15 MOS 5-Nov-58        
A/2c Heine H       26-Nov-56          
S/Sgt Hendricks R W     15-Oct-56          
A/1c Herron James O   27-Oct-57 <15 MOS 27-Nov-58        
A/1c Hildebrand               30352D Radar Maint  
A/1c Hockenberry William B           27350    
1/Lt Horsewood Gene   OIC   1957       Radar Maint Deceased 1996
A/1c Howard Johnnie       1957       Cook  
Capt Howard Phil               Radar Ops  
S/Sgt Howard Robert C KDRDF 14-Mar-57 1-Dec-57 13-Jul-58 Minneapolis MN 27350 MARS Station
A/1c Hubbard J C     26-Nov-56          
A/2c Hubert Lawsrence J     1-Sep-56     64151    
A/2c Hudson LeDrew W   Jan-57   Apr-58 North Carolina 29130 Comm-Teletype
A/3c Huesers Dale B   26-Nov-57 <15 MOS 26-Nov-58        
1/Lt Hunt Giles K   Jan-56 15 Mos Mar-57 Ironton MO 1644 Intercept Ctrlr
A/3c Ishew Richard D           47151    
S/Sgt Johnson M O     26-Nov-56          
1/Lt Joseph Larry T   7-Jul-57 <15 MOS 7-Sep-58        
T/Sgt Joyce               29170 Comm  
M/Sgt Juett Clifton R   30-Sep-57 <15 MOS 31-Oct-58        
S/Sgt Keeney James D   13-Nov-57 <15 MOS 13-Nov-58        
A/2c Kelly C D     26-Nov-56          
1/Lt Kermoian Ralph     29-Jul-57 <15 MOS 29-Sep-58     Operations?  
A/2c Ladson Richard     25-Aug-57 <15 MOS 25-Oct-58   3045x A/G Radio Maint  
Capt. Larson                 Comm  
A/3c Latson F L                
A/3c Lavache R L     15-Oct-56          
A/1c Law W W     26-Nov-56          
A.1C Lawson Roy T   24-Nov-57 <15 MOS 24-Nov-58        
M/Sgt Legg Murrel C 1st Sgt 30-Sep-57 <15 MOS 31-Oct-58        
A/1c Lewis H J     15-Oct-56          
A/2c Lewis J J     26-Nov-56          
A/1c Lewis James F     1-Sep-56     27350    
A/B Lewis Joseph N     27-Feb-56 30-Apr-57        
A/2c Liewellyn Thomas F   30-Sep-57 <15 MOS 31-Oct-58        
S/Sgt Lightcap Harvey E   25-Sep-57 <15 MOS 25-Oct-58 Dayton OH 30372D Radar Maint
S/Sgt Lightcap Harvey E   25-Sep-57 <15 MOS 25-Oct-58 Dayton OH 30372D Radar Maint
2/Lt Littlejohn Francis X   27-Feb-56 1-May-57          
A/2c Llewellyn Thomas F   Sep-57   May-58 Cumberland MD   Radar Maint
A/2c Llewellyn Thomas F   Jun-58   Nov-58 Cumberland MD   Radar Maint
A/1cC Locke Paul B   12-Aug-57 <15 MOS 12-Oct-58        
A/2c Lombard Bob     Nov-55   Feb-57 Stratford CT 27350 Radar Operator
A/1c Markley Francis W     1-Sep-56     73251    
A/2c Marsh Melvin     16-Sep-57 <15 MOS 16-Oct-58     Dinning Hall  
A/3c May W W     15-Oct-56          
A/2c Mazur Jim A   25-Jul-57 <15 MOS 25-Sep-58     Radar Maint
2/Lt McCally Richard P   7-Nov-57 <15 MOS 7-Nov-58        
A/2c McCombs W.H.L.               Supply?  
  McElya Don                  
A/2c McFetridge Robert K   Dec-56   Mar-58   27350 Radar Opr
S/Sgt McKinney J L     15-Oct-56          
A/2c Meraz Miguel L   13-Jan-56   13-Apr-57 Los Angeles CA 30352D Radar Maint
A/1c Merrigan Vernon C     1-Sep-56     27350    
A/2c Middleton Michael(Mike) C   1958   1958   30352D Radar Maint Deceased June 2005
Capt Miller William       <15 MOS          
A/2c Mitcham Gerald K     1-Sep-56     55231    
A/1c Moore Benjamin                  
S/Sgt Morris Willie W   30-Oct-57 <15 MOS 30-Nov-58        
A/2c MURPH Jr OLEN     18-Jul-57 <15 MOS 18-Sep-58        
A/2c Murphree William A   13-Jan-56   18-Dec-57 Long Beach CA 30352D Radar Maint  
A/2c Napoleon George             29150 Comm-Teletype  
A/2c Neil Jr Thomas W   26-Sep-57 <15 MOS 26-Oct-58        
2/Lt Newman John S Adjutant   1-Nov-56