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Pictures from Ken Collis   -   Ken and Dennis Reber working on names

FPS-8 and CPS-6B Radar Bubbles & Radio Comm Bldg

CPS-6B bubble with FPS-8 bubble in background

Bob Dozier and Ken Collis

Bob Dozier and Joe Bender 

Bill Cotton  and Dennis Reber

??? & Bill Cotton & Ken Collis        Rt Ladson &  Dennis Reber


Left A/2c Norman  Right - Unknown

left Jerry Bugar     Rt Norman ?

Bob Dozier & Smitty & Jerry Bugar

Dennis Reber, Ken Collis, Unk, Unk, Unk, Tech Rep, 

Jerry Richards & Ken Collis & Dennis Reber

Leftr Bill Hattaway                            Right Bob Dozier 

Ken Collis

A/2c George Pritchett

Jerry Bugar & A/2c Ladson

Ken Collis & Jerry Bugar

Ike Eichhorn, Unknown, Billy Biggs, Capt Sawyer, A/2c Ladson (standing), (Unknown seated)

Holiday in 1957 brings beer to the Chow Hall

Left-Ken Collis, Tech Rep, Bill Cotton,

Right-Bill Story, Unk, Dave Barr, Joe Bender

View of Murphy Dome Complex from roof of Radio Comm Bldg

Leroy Hall   &   Dennis Reber

Airman Smith

Left Radio Comm Antennas       right Gene Bernier

CPS-6B Tower with Radar Ops Bldg to right

Radio Shack & Antennas

Radio Comm Antennas FPS-8 and CPS-6B Bubbles 

Joe Bender

Bob Dozier



















































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