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744th AC&W Radar Poem

Murphy Dome, Alaska
Across the hills and valleys,
Murphy Dome is just the spot,
Where we are doomed to spend our time,
In a land that God forgot.

We are men of the 744th,
And we earn our measly pay,
Guarding peoples millions,
For a buck and a half a day.

No one knows that we're alive,
And no one gives a damn,
The old gang has forgotten us,
We're owned by Uncle Sam.

In the howling wind and cold we march,
And never with a band,
Not classified as convicts,
Just defenders of the land.

To hell with wolves and polar bears,
For we are Airmen true,
Out in the middle of nowhere,
A million miles from you.

But when the pearly gates,
Come into doggies view,
Our frowns will turn to laughter,
For the joke will be on you.
And when we walk inside those gates,
We'll hear St. Peter yell,
"Come in you men of Murphy Dome,
You've served your time in hell!"


Thanks to  Dennis Reber for sending this.