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Murphy Dome - North West of Fairbanks AK


Murphy Dome as it was in fall of 1957.


New FPS-8 tower on left. CPS-6B on right.

744th AC&W Squadron

Murphy Dome AF Station

Fairbanks Alaska 1956 & 1957

KAFB Biloxi MS Tech School


KAFB Electronic Fundamentals Grad 27SEP55 NEW

I need help to place names with picture


KAFB AN/CPS6B Class #18055 Graduation 8 Dec55



Murphy Dome Roster 1956 & 1957  updated 01/30/2014

Thanks to Dennis Reber who sent copy of orders when tour was reduced from 15 to 12 months on 28Jan58 for 67 Airman and Officers. .


List of Commanding Officers 1951-1983 (07/04/13)


Murphy Dome Pics


Murphy Dome Poem  New from Dennis Reber 04/01/11


CPS-6B pics


FPS-8 Pics


Radar Maintenance Crews


Misc pictures from 1956 & 1957 & 1974


Pictures from Jimmy Gagnon's Son. NEW Jan 2007

Thank you Joe.  Your father Jimmy was a good friend


Pictures from Marv Hassebroek

Thank you  Becky 


Cabin   Abandoned Miners Cabin discovered by Marv Hassebroek.  Marv & RM guys claimed and rehabilitated it. 


CommentPage  Note fron 1/Lt Hunt 01/30/2014


Fairbanks News-Miner Arctic Web Cam (by ARRX depot)

(Looks south towards downtown) 

Do you have pictures (or slides) of your time at Murphy Dome that you will share? Scan and email them in as hi rez as you can or email me and I will give address to send them and we will carefully scan and put on CD and return them to you.


12/31/10 See Blog comments left at Susan Stevenson's web site

Susan lives in North Pole and is wonderful AK Photographer

This Website is dedicated to the Airmen and Officers who served at Murphy Dome in 1956 and 1957.

For most it was a unique & one of a kind  "Semi-Remote"15 Month Tour of Duty.


My appeal to the AIG [Air Inspector General] resulted in the tour being reduced to12 months in 1958 like the other remote AC&W sites. John


The following pics are on expansion sites with link to return here


Pictures from Ken Collis  Jan 2007

Ken and Dennis Reber working on names


Pictures from Art Strohmeier  New 01/17/07


Pictures from Richard Eselby   New 04/07/09

New pics. Civilian gang and a Bubble Check by B29 refueler


Pictures from Bob Lombard

Lots of new scenes in these


Pictures from Joe Bender New July-Oct 2009

Pictures from Doug Dubrish from 1973


Anyone Remember Dean Roach Radar Maint 57-58 ?


Thanks Lee Hudson for Roster updates for Comm Center 2/10


Pics -Joe Strauss (Hughes Rep Feb63-Feb64 (NEW 12/31/10)

Thank you Joe for sharing these great Hi Rez Photos

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